Vegetable Tanned Leather

Veg Tan Leather Patina

VEGETABLE TANNING refers to leather that is tanned with oak and spruce bark. As these tannin are derived from plants, the leather is called vegetable-tanned leather. Also the term "natural leather" is used. Tanning with plant substances has existed for over 5,000 years and was, for many centuries, the main tanning method. In today's market, veg tan leather is about 10% of the overall leather products. At FoStyle, our philosophy for each step is to use the method that yields the best combination of durability and aesthetics. The result is a process that is primarily performed by skilled workers using a hand tool, but using machines when it yields the best result.

VEG TAN LEATHER ADVANTAGES unsurpassed by any other tanning methods. Vegetable-tanned leather was recently salvaged to provide an alternative material in fashion, but also to make use of its high quality:

colors and textures have a more natural and organic look; it is irregular and handmade which can be leveraged for a unique and genuine aesthetic; high durability and strength, being even far more efficient than the majority of the synthetic materials;neutral effect on user's health;can last an entire lifetime and/or is bio-degradable when it ceases to be used/maintained;remarkable and sought-after aging qualities, like the "caramelization" of the color, a unique patina acquired with the use; reusability of the final product and in some cases of the leather; created by craftsmen with a historic and valuable knowledge; it can only be obtained from cattle that carried a good life, to get a good, strong leather, and it is always a sub-product of the meat industry; values a slower life and an eco-sustainable industry; revitalizes the local society and general culture.

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